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Describe one professional learning goal to work towards during your next clinical day along with a plan as to how you will work to achieve the goals

Reflective journal Project description SCENARIO: the paper is about the first day of clinicals at a hospital where I was incharge of an 88 year old female patient. As a student nurse, I was in charge of giving her a bedbath, feeding her,performing a physical assessment including checking her vital signs, and helping her with other things needed. I was doing that under the management of a real nurse and watched her give the patient medications. I HAVE INCLUDED CERTAIN ANSWERS IN THE RUBRIC TO AID YOU IN WRITING THE PAPER, PLEASE LOOK AT THE ABOVE SCENARIO TO HELP WITH THE REFLECTIVE JOURNAL. Reflective Writing Guidelines & Grade Rubric Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to spend quality time in meaningful reflection of one?s clinical experience each week (except clinical orientation day, skills/simulation day and final clinical day). Reflection is ?thinking about one?s thinking while thinking to make one?s thinking better? (Paul, 2001, p. 15). Reflective journaling is the recording of one?s thoughts after a period of reflection. Reflective journaling has been reported to increase one?s self awareness and awareness of others as well as increasing self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and creativity while decreasing stress. Objectives: 1. Spend a minimum of 15 minutes in meaningful reflection at the end of your clinical day. 2. Compose a journal each week after your clinical day which is at least one page single spaced using proper grammar, punctuation, and medical terminology. 3. Respond to at least one of the questions provided within your journal. 4. Describe one professional learning goal to work towards during your next clinical day along with a plan as to how you will work to achieve the goals. 5. Link your actions in the clinical setting with a specific course outcome(s). Describe how you are developing in this area or have met this course outcome. In order to be successful in the clinical course, the student must achieve a ?met? for each course outcome at the final day of the clinical experience. Assignment: Ideally you should start this assignment with a clear mind. Spend at least 15 minutes in thought. Think about your thinking then focus your thoughts specifically on your recent clinical day. You are in the driver?s seat for this assignment and can go in many different directions. The following questions may assist you in your reflection on your clinical day. Address at least one of the following questions in your journal. ? Identify your own strengths and weaknesses during the clinical experience.( STRENGTH: I?VE ALWAYS CONSIDERED MYSELF AS ATEAM PLAYER AND I HELPED MY OTHER COLLEAGUES WHO NEEDED HELP WITH THEIR PATIENT CARE WHENEVER I WAS DONE WITH MY OWN ASSIGNMENTS. WEAKNESS: I WAS NERVOUS AS IT WAS MY FIRST TIME WITH PATIENTS COUPLED WITH THE FRAILITY OF THE 88 YEAR OLD I WAS IN CHARGE OF. I WANTED EVERYTHING TO BE JUST RIGHT BUT IN RETROSPECT, IT IS ALSO STRENGTH. ? What did you learn during your clinical day and what questions or concerns still remain in your mind? I LEARNED A LOT OF THINGS: BECOMING CONFIDENT IN GIVING BEDBATHS, IMPROVING ON MY CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, AND HOW TO MANAGE MY TIME EFFECTIVELY. ? Describe a high point and/or a low point during the day and what did you learn from this experience? THE 88 YEAR OLD PATIENT DIDN?T EAT MUCH OF HER BREAKFAST AND THAT BOTHERED ME ? Describe the overall care received by the patient(s) you were assigned during your clinical day. What changes could be made to improve the overall quality of care provided to the patient(s)? Or you may decide to step back and ponder a more global approach by describing the overall care received by all the patients within a unit. What changes could be made as a group of nurses to improve the quality of care provided to all the patients on the unit? ( I BELIEVE IT WAS EXCELLENT, HAD ONLY ONE PATIENT AND WAS EASY TO GIVE HER MY ALL. ? Identify prior knowledge or life experiences which assisted you in working through a challenge you encountered during your clinical day. Describe the process and outcome of linking the old and new knowledge. AS A PARENT, WORKING WITH KIDS HAVE MADE ME MORE PATIENT AND WAS ABLE TO BE PATIENT WITH MY PATIENT AND PUTTING MYSELF IN HER SHOES AND FROM HOW I WAS RAISED, DOING TO OTHERS WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE THEM TO UNTO YOU. I WOULD LIKE TO BE TAKEN CARE OF IF IN THAT SAME SITUATION AS THE PATIENT. ? Identify an encounter with a patient, family and/or healthcare provider that significantly impacted your existing worldview and describe how your perceptions have changed.YOU CAN MAKE SOMETHING UP Each journal should also include one professional learning goal for your next clinical day along with a plan as to how you will work towards achieving the goals. The journal should be a minimum of one page single spaced using proper grammar, punctuation, and medical terminologyGrading Rubric: The assignment will be graded as pass/fail based on whether or not all the objectives were met with the focus on quality instead of quantity journal reflections. Objectives Pass (Requirements met) Fail (Requirements not met) Journal is > 1 page, single spaced with proper grammar, punctuation, and medical terminology Responded to >1 question with a focus on quality of writing instead of quantity One professional learning goal was described for next clinical day along with a plan as to how to achieve the goals Linked actions in the clinical setting with one or more specific course outcomes. Requirements met ________ Requirements not met ________ Clinical Instructor Comments: Paul, R. (2001). How to Prepare Students for a Rapidly Changing World. Rohnert Park: Center For Critical Thinking and Moral Critique.

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