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Students will also be required to respond to otherstudents p

Students will also be required to respond to otherstudents posting with significant comments that demonstrate criticalthinking by asking additional questions or adding to the body ofknowledge started. If you argue, controversial issues use a reference tosupport your argument that adds credibility to your position. Yourresponse to your peers work should be engaging and informative with goodsubstance. Your responses should contribute in a meaningful way tohelping advance our knowledge of the topics the class explores.All follow-up responses should require 250-300 words.Queentoya:When conducting research, differentapproaches are taken during the collection of data and the analysisdepending on the type of information someone wants to determine from thedata. The difference between the three major approaches surroundingcollection and analysis of data for research discussed in this week’slesson involve different approaches in collecting data and what can bedetermined from the data collected once the data is analyzed. TheQuantitative method involves the use of numbers and statistics andcollects data from experiments and surveys to come up with adetermination. The article on “Mixing Methods: Qualitative andQuantitative Research,” describes the Quantitative approach as one thatcan provide authoritative survey data and relate diverse factors alongwith assess the incidence, epidemiology and boundaries of problems ofthe situation under scrutiny (Brannen). The Qualitative method involvesthe use of words and descriptions and collects data from interviews andobservations to come up with a determination. The article on ‘MixingMethods: Qualitative and Quantitative Research,’ describes theQualitative method of research as one that reveals the differentperceptions which participants have of the same situation and allowresearchers to consider personal histories and developmental factors(Brannen). The Mixed method is a combination of characteristics frommore than one method used. The Mixed method involves the combination ofcollection and analysis characteristics from both the Qualitative andthe Quantitative methods. Using a mixture of the two methods may be morebeneficial to the person doing research while collecting evidenceallowing different evidence from various methods to support theanalysis. A combination of characteristics may include a designof scientific inquiry that includes other methods of collecting andanalyzing data to be used to come up with a determination. One examplewould be case study research which involves the qualitative method whereinformation would be collected using things such as direct observation,interviews, and tests where the focus is descriptive and not onuniversal truth (Research Methods). There is a list of other design ofscientific inquiries that may be mixed with a method. Each involves itsunique way of gathering information to come up with a determinationabout a specific topic of interest. I think that the Qualitativemethod along with (maybe) the Ethnographic design would be best toconduct my research on my topic. In order to come up with adetermination on what is valued most when it comes to the nationalsecurity or personal privacy, the use of numbers and statistics from asurvey wouldn’t be necessary for this type of research. I think thatobservations from different people’s perspectives on the question alongwith understanding how and why people feel the way they do towards boththe national security and their personal privacy, will help to determinewhat is valued more and why. Grounded Theory is another method I may beable to use since it involves coming up with theories as to whysomething is the way it is based on research. Reference:Brannen,Julia. Mixing Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Research. 2017.Taylor & Francis Group. Retrieved on 16 March 2020 from Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods. ResearchMethods Lesson Three. Retrieved on 18 March 2020 from Afternoon Professor and Classmates, Thisweek’s forum assignment calls for us to discuss the differences betweenthe three major approaches of collecting and analyzing information anddata. quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. As well as, describethe design of scientific inquiry that may go with each method i.e.,survey, narrative, phenomenological, ethnographic, grounded theory, orcase study and why it would be selected. Then address which method anddesign you think you would prefer to use to conduct research and why.Startingwith the Quantitative approach to collecting data, that theory is usedby researchers using a quantitative deductive approach to provide anexplanation or prediction about the relationships between variables.This process starts with a theory, followed up with a hypothesis, thendata would be collected to either support said theory or reject thattheory. In the end, the quantitative approach researchers hope tofurther the support of a given theory or to debunk it or disprove it.FollowingQuantitative, would be the Qualitative approach, an approach thatfollows quantitative theories, but without a hypothesis and often with abroader scope. This approach almost does the opposite or reverse orderor quantitative approach and starts with the data, that may or may notlead to a hypothesis upon completion of the given research.Andlast but not least the Mixed methods approach to data collection. As thetitle gives, they theory away the Mixed methods approach theresearchers to have the ability to deductively, or inductively approachthe data collection and research utilizing both, hence the term mixed.Trends in research often lean towards researches picking one or theother rather than this type of data collection, but it’s also oftenlooked at as a “Mixture” of both worlds.To tackle the last partof this forum requirement experimental, quasi-experimental, and thendescriptive strategies are often used with quantitative methods, as therest are often seen being used with qualitative methods of research.Tosum up, the forum post whoever is researching any given topic, theydecide whether to go in the direction of quantitative, qualitative, or amixture of both. The type of approach to collecting data or informationfor research would probably be a Qualitative approach. The reason Ifeel this option would work best is the fact that it’s not necessarilyrelying on numerical results, can explore information in great detailand depth. Of course, there are cons in everything as well and one ofthe biggest I find is the fact that it doesn’t solely rely on numericalfacts, that also means the use of statistics makes it difficult to applyas well (Qualitative Research Pros & Cons | Synonym, n.d.).Inclosing, I think each has its advantages, and disadvantages which alsomakes me think perhaps the Mixed method may be the way to go. Researchis a constant and ever-changing approach and perhaps your given topicyou may start with a quantitative approach and then find you need tosteer your research approach to maybe a qualitative approach, and thisis alright.V/rJordan HoltschulteQualitative Research Pros & Cons | Synonym. (n.d.). Retrieved March 18, 2020, from…

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