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SECTION B- Technical Criteria:You are required to

SECTION B- Technical Criteria:You are required to outline the coding for the following with suitable chosen technology:Designing different html web pages with different elements (min 5 elements)Answers:A1. 1. Text headers: Text headers are used to set up the size of the fonts, there totally 6 elements are there, and they are denoted as , , .2. Paragraph Tag:Paragraph tag is used to contain the messages within the body by denoting it as .3. Anchor tag: Anchor tag has been used to encapsulate a link by denoting .4. Image tag: Image tag is used to insert the image by using . It is a holding space for the image which has been taken from internet.5. Divider tag: It is used to divide the section in html document, it contains all the elements of the document.Example: Hello every one This is the Online shopping website, hope you all enjoy the products Click here to purchase Order now A2.1. Span tag : It is used to color a certain part of the text in a paragraph. 2. Navigation tag : It defines the navigation links which is provided of the document , it is denoted by .3. iframe tag : Iframe tag is inline element which is commonly used to embed another document within a current document. 4. label tag : Which is used to assign a value for the input elements. It is denoted by .5. Meta tag : It defines the data about data of the html document it is denoted by Example : Hello every one This is the Alnoor Online shopping website Alnoor hope you all enjoy the products What’s your choice; Click here to purchase Order now B. Usage of CSS (min 2 elements):CSS- Cascading style sheets which is used to display the contents of the html document in a more proper manner.The elements of html can be styled by using cssThere are many elements in css out of them the most commonly used elements are,Inline css.- to apply a style to elements individually.Internal css- to apply a style to a html page in a head section using a style elements.External css- to apply style for different html pages by adding a link in the head section.Examples: {background- color: yellow;}h1 {color: red} p {color: blue} Hello every one This is the Online shopping website, hope you all enjoy the products Click here to purchase What are you searching for? Availabilities- Spaghetti, tunics, crop top etc.. Go Order now Document.cssBody {Background-color : blue;}H1{ margin right: 50px; Color : red;}3. Usage of JavaScript (min 2 elements):Adding java scripts to the html documents will make the documents more responsive and dynamic.Some elements are,1.ActiveElement2.Characterset3.baseURI4.getElementById()5.getElementsByTagname() etcExample : Hello Everyone Click here to purchase Click here to purchase Function myfunction(){Var x= document.activeElement.tagName;document.characterSet;Document.getElementById(1).innerHTML=x;Var y = document.baseURI; document.getelementbyId (1).innerHtML=y;}D. Login Page Using session:User LoginWelcome . Click here to Logout.E. Insert data to database:After creating a table in mysql we can go to the php codesDatabase.phpInserting datau200bu200bu200bFirst name:u200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bLast name:u200bu200bu200bu200bu200bu200bCity name:u200bu200bu200bu200bEmail Id:u200bu200b u200bu200bu200bf. Delete data in database:g.Update data in database:h.View data in database:I. Sorting and searching:

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