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Respond to one of your peers in at least a (8) sentence para

Respond to one of your peers in at least a (8) sentence paragraph post to each. Make sure that you write about concrete ideas about the discussion when responding to classmates. Please just write a paragraph (about 260 words). No any format. Just a paragraph, easy stuff.please read this person’s writing, and reply her.In the video in Chapter 5, I found some important points. The first is about SIDS. I want to let everyone know that this is a situation that many people do not pay attention to, and it will also have very serious consequences. Many young parents will always ignore their baby’s situation, or do something wrong that will eventually cause the baby to die. This is a painful experience for parents. ‘That showed less SIDS less crib death if babies were put to sleep on their back rather than their tummies’ (Video 2). This stems from the program ‘Back to sleep program’. Because the brain function of a newborn baby is not mature enough, So infants often suffocate by covering their nose and mouth. When many parents hug their baby, they have their baby’s face facing their bodies. This is very dangerous because it can easily cause the suffocation of the baby. So it is important to maintain the correct position to hug the baby. At the same time, an important situation mentioned in the video is not to let the baby overheat or cold. In my hometown, because my hometown is north, it will be very cold in winter. And there, because parents of babies need work, most of the children are looked after by the elderly. Many elderly people will have the idea that they are afraid that the baby will be too cold, so they will put very thick clothes on the baby and cover them with a lot of quilts while they sleep. Nowadays, society and technology have improved, and indoors in winter will no longer be very cold. But their thoughts haven’t changed, so no matter what the room temperature is, they still cover the baby with thick quilts and clothes. This is very dangerous. People should value SIDS because the death of a child is a devastating experience for a family.In Chapter 6, we learned about infant brain development and cognition. There is some information I am very interested in. The growth and development of infant’s brains are divided into different stages. First is Stages one and two: Primary circular reactions. ‘Infants adapt reflexes through information from repeated responses’ (PPT 6). The baby’s growth process and the cultivation of cognition are derived from the baby’s imitation and continuous practice of the surrounding people and environment. It’s as if babies like to suck their fingers, this is because ‘Sucking is a reflex at first, but adaptation begins soon. She is about to make that adaptation and suck just her thumb from now on’ (PPT 6). Second interesting It is the fifth and sixth stage of the baby, at this time they are like a troublemaker. They always make trouble for their parents. At this stage, they are always trying and observing things.Also when the baby arrives at Circular Circular Reactions. The child searches for a hidden object where it disappeared from sight. It reminds me of a very interesting thing. That was when I was 10 years old, I had a 2-year-old cousin. I always play hide and seek with her at home. At first, she had a hard time finding me, but every time I would show up from where I hid and show her. Then she learned to search every place I had hidden until she could find me every time.The initial growth of a baby is very rapid. So the people and the environment they come into contact with are important to their growth. So, parents, should Infants need to be taught. Parents should try to communicate and interact with the baby as early as possible, this will help the baby learn to speak and read faster.In Chapter 7 I learned about the psychosocial development of infants. There is a theory called Attachment Theory, which illustrates the importance of emotional sustenance for babies. At the same time, this attachment to the child’s social and emotional development helps a lot. This also explains why we often say that children who lack parents have a variety of personality and emotional problems, and they are more likely to develop mental illness. ‘Meanwhile, having insecure attachments as a baby made older kids more likely to have Behavioral Problems ‘(Video 2). When a child has an unsafe attachment relationship, older children are more prone to behavior problems. Such as social disorders, inferiority, bullying. Adolescent children are very fragile and psychologically important at this stage. This stage also seriously affects the child’s future. Corresponding to the first video about baby monkeys, building a secure attachment relationship is more important than just feeding a child. This stage will affect the child’s psychological makeup and affect his entire life course. Also mentioned in this chapter is the concept of Resilience. I think everyone should understand what Resilience means. Resilience is an important concept that helps us overcome difficulties. Because we know that these difficulties cannot defeat us, we will learn from these difficulties and make ourselves better and stronger.’Building Resilience’ and ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: What You Need To Know About SIDS’ are my two favorite videos. From ‘Building Resilience’ I learned how to relax and decompress myself in the face of stress in work life. I think this knowledge is very important for anyone. Because anyone needs all kinds of misery and discomfort in life, and most of the time we can’t escape, we can only face it. But in the process of overcoming difficulties, it is very painful, and those pressures can make people unable to breathe. So master these methods can help you better solve the problem. From ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: What You Need To Know About SIDS’ I learned more about how to take care of babies. This helped me a lot when I became a parent in the future, and also prepared me as a parent. The health problems of newborns are often overlooked, and people always take newborn deaths as accidents. It is not that by popularizing this knowledge, we can avoid these tragedies. It also helps more babies grow up healthily.

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