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QUESTION 1Which of the following is NOT part of Darwin’s the

QUESTION 1Which of the following is NOT part of Darwin’s theory of evolution?Answers:Populations of organisms change through time.More individuals of a species are produced than can be supported by available resources.None of the alternatives are correct.Characteristics that allow individuals to compete successfully for limited resources tend to increase in frequency from one generation to the next.Natural selection can cause changes within species, but it cannot explain modifications that lead to new species.QUESTIONWhich of the following statements about speciation is correct?Answers:Reproductive barriers keep speciation from occuring.It always takes millions of years for speciation to occur.When reunited, two allopatric populations will interbreed freely if speciation has occurred.Speciation is a core principle of understanding macroevolution.The goal of natural selection is making as many species as possible.QUESTION 3If organisms have evolved through descent with modification, as Darwin proposed, which of the following patterns is expected in the fossil record?Answers:None of the alternatives are correct.Taxonomic groups should be distributed randomly in space.Fossils of simple organisms should appear in the geological record before fossils of complex organisms.The most ancient fossil assemblages should include all the major groups found in modern faunas.Taxonomic groups should be distributed randomly in time.QUESTION 4In a hypothetical situation, a certain species of aphid feeds only on sugar maple trees. In forests of the eastern United States, sugar maples are only one of a number of different tree species. If some of the aphids develop a strong preference for feeding on Black Walnut trees and mate only with other aphids that prefer black walnut trees, then over time, which of the following processes should occur. (Remember, the host species can be considered the aphids’ “habitat.”)1.reproductive isolation2.allopatric speciation3.habitat isolation4.prezygotic barriersAnswers:1, 2, and 32 and 31, 3, and 41 only1 through 4QUESTIONWhich statement supports the Theory of Endosymbiosis?Answers:Mitochondrial ribosomes are more similar to eukaryotic than prokaryoteAll plasma membranes in eukaryotes are identicalThe structure of DNA in mitochondria is similar to aerobic bacteriaThere is no hard evidence for the theory of endosymbiosisQUESTION 6Which of the following groups of plants lacks a vascular system?Answers:GymnospermsBryophytesAngiospermsFlowering plantsFern SporophytesQUESTION 7Populations in a Hardy-Weinberg EquilibriumAnswers:typically exist with extreme sexual dimorphism.proceed show short but intense periods of rapid evolution.None of the options are correct.are always invertebrates.have offspring with the same genotypic ratios as the parent generation.QUESTION 8The existence of evolutionary trends, such as increasing body sizes among many different horse species, is evidence thatAnswers:evolution always tends toward increased complexity or increased size across all taxa.evolution generally progresses toward some predetermined goal.a larger volume-to-surface area ratio is beneficial to all similar environments, similar adaptations can be beneficial in more than one species.QUESTION 9Select the correct statement(s) about animal body plans.Answers:IN BOTH PROTOSTOMES AND DEUTEROSTOMES, THE INITIAL BLASTOPORE DEVELOPS INTO THE MOUTH.DEVELOPMENT IN ANIMALS IS DETERMINED BY THE UNIQUE FAMILY OF HOX GENES (OR OTHER SIMILAR HOMEOBOX GENES).ALL TRIPLOBLASTIC ANIMALS POSSESS A COELOM.BOTH A AND BALL THREE STATEMENTS ARE CORRECT.QUESTION 10Tetrapods (which include all terrestrial vertebrates) are a subgroup of phototrophic green algea.Answers:TrueFalseStart with the 10 questions and I will give you rest.

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