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PurposeTo assess your ability to analyze a real-world electr

PurposeTo assess your ability to analyze a real-world electronic marketing campaign.OverviewThroughout this course, you will be searching and analyzing a company web site for itsapplication of electronic marketing principles.▪ You need to select a B2C website that you will follow throughout the course. Youhave to get the approval from your instructor before you start your project.▪ The web site is to be a brand site, not a site for a mega corporation with manydifferent brands. For example: is a corporate website,,,, are all Brandswebsite.▪ The website must have a free newsletter or email communications.▪ If the company has retail outlets nearby, you also should consider a visit to the retailsite. This will allow you to look for ways in which the firm is integrating marketingactivities on and off the Internet.You should put together an annual e-marketing plan to help set the marketing in generalon the right course to make any company’s business goals a reality. It is a high-level planthat guides the direction of the team’s campaigns, goals, and growth.Without an e-marketing plan, things can get messy and it will become nearly impossible toplan the budget that is needed for the projects, hiring, and outsourcing required over thecourse of a year if you don’t have a plan.For this part of the assignment, you need to write a report that describe a digital/emarketingplan.An effective e-marketing plan should contain the following elements:1. Table of Contents2. Executive summary▪ An overview of the entire plan.3. Introduction▪ Company Name.▪ What is the product or service? Describe it in detail and explain how it fits into themarket.▪ Headquarters, Office Locations.4. Business Summary▪ Marketing Leadership Team.▪ Mission Statement.▪ You should sign up for free to get newsletter or email communications from thewebsite you have selected. This will help you to understand the various elementsof their online strategies and give some insights into how their multichannelmarketing is carried out.▪ Contact the chosen brand web sites by asking for information, or even purchase aproduct if you wish.▪ Register at the B2C web site you have selected. Indicate in your report what datawas captured on the registration form.▪ SWOT Analysis.▪ Research what your competitors are doing. Select 2 competitors and write theCompetitive Analysis section of your digital/e-marketing plan.Note: You can use any free online third-party platform for further analysis, forexample: Target Market▪ Describe your target market segment in detail by using demographics,psychographics, geography, lifestyle etc.▪ How large is it?6. Marketing Objectives and goals▪ Explain your marketing objectives and goals in term of sales volume, market share,return on investment or any others for your marketing plan and the time needed toachieve each of them.7. Market Strategy▪ Explain your marketing strategy chosen in term of aspects such as Product, Price,Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence and other tactical or environmentalvariables.8. Marketing Channels (At least, If you are a group of 4, each student selects onechannel [Assignment & Presentation])Explain how you will use the following channels to achieve your goals:▪ Content marketing.Content includes text, graphics, videos, and other related materials people arelooking for and are very interested in.▪ Social media marketingThe student should decide what social media platform should be used; whatcontent will be shared.▪ Email marketing.In this part, you will plan and prepare an email marketing campaign.You will write an e-mail, to/for (Select 2):▪ Welcoming new subscribers▪ Sales promotion (Promotional email)▪ Email newsletter▪ Inviting people to join your website/app▪ Promote social media accounts1. For each audience, students should compose an email that best targets eachaudience group.2. Students should consider headline, layout, message, bullet points, call-to-action,image, etc.3. With each email, students should include an explanation on why each emailwould be most effective for each audience.▪ SEO1. Provide a list of 10-15 words or phrases that you think people would use tofind your company through search engines.2. Review their website and identify elements that are missing or can beimproved to increase the website’s marketing effectiveness.Note: Keyword research involves investigating your competitor’s sites andusing a number of keyword analysis tools to determine which keywords orkeyword phrases are searched most by users looking to find your productsor site.▪ Display AdvertisingIn this part, you will design a Banner Ads1. What is the Type of Display Advertising you will design?2. What is the size of the ad (Check Standard Google Display Ad Sizes)?9. Budget▪ Detail the breakdown of the budget available to you and the expected ROI fromeach channel.10. Evaluation Plan▪ You need to evaluate the system/strategy in place before the plan is put in action.11. Summary▪ Summaries profits, costs, advantages and why the plan should succeed.12. Reference list▪ list all the sources you have used in the process of researching your work.Instructions for the students:▪ This is a group project, which is apart from your course score. It requires effort andcritical thinking from each student in the group.Each group will consist of 2 to 4 students.▪ Your Assignment must include:▪ A cover page that contains the following:▪ Student name, Student ID and CRN▪ A title that well represents the content of your report.▪ Your report length should be between 2000 to 3000 words.▪ Assignment must be in Word format only no PDF.▪ Your file should be saved as Word Doc.[Example] [Nouf Ali] [10473] ECOM 301 – E-Marketing Plan Report Part 1.doc▪ A “References” section listing all sources included. And ensure that you follow theAPA style in your report.▪ A mark of zero will be given for any submission that includes copying from otherresource without referencing it.▪ If the assignment shows more than 25% plagiarism, the students would be graded zero.

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