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Please watch the film, write a 2 page paper as usual, post o

Please watch the film, write a 2 page paper as usual, post on Canvas by nextThursday in the Performance #4 slot.For this assignment, please watch the Hollywood film version of the musical LesMisérables (PG-13), released in 2012. It is available for a small fee on Amazonor YouTube.A description of the film:’After 19 years as a prisoner, Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) is freed by Javert(Russell Crowe), the officer in charge of the prison workforce. Valjeanpromptly breaks parole but later uses money from stolen silver to reinventhimself as a mayor and factory owner. Javert vows to bring Valjean back toprison. Eight years later, Valjean becomes the guardian of a child namedCosette after her mother’s (Anne Hathaway) death, but Javert’s relentlesspursuit means that peace will be a long time coming.’This musical, based on the novel by Victor Hugo, is set against the backdrop ofthe early days of the French Revolution.As per usual, please refer to the previously posted questions to write youressay. I do not need a synopsis of the play/ film that runs more than 1-2sentences.Talk to me about specific performers, design elements, particular scenes thatstood out to you.The music is very powerful. It may be worthwhile to occasionally turn the soundoff and just watch the actors acting. What do you notice about their physicalperformances? How is it different to watch an actor on film than on stage?As per usual, what do you think of the writing, the themes of the play? Are anythemes relevant in today’s world? Why does this story / musical still move us(if it does)?***After seeing the play, write a 2-page response paper, DUE the following Thursday by 5p.m. via Canvas.Please use the performance # and name in your essay’s title. For example, Performance #2, Fool for Love.You will receive FULL CREDIT for papers that follow these guidelines. Late papers will NOT be accepted. Papers that do not follow these guidelines will receive NO CREDIT:Acceptable papers are 2 FULL pages; a Word document or PDF, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins, as well as your name, student ID #, the class name and semester, and the date in the upper right hand quarter. Include the name of the production and the date you saw the show. The titles of plays are italicized, i.e., Fool for Love, by Sam Shepard.OHLONE’S PLAGIARIM POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. You do not need to use other source material to write your paper. If you do refer to other materials, online or otherwise, you MUST cite your sources, otherwise it will be considered plagiarism.This is not a research paper; this is an experience paper – YOUR personal experience. You are not expected to be familiar with the topics addressed or the play itself. What is your experience? What did you notice and observe?Here are some questions to get you started. Use these questions to inspire you. You do not need to answer every question for every essay. Please do not write a list of bullet points / answers to these questions. Support your observations/ opinions and give specific examples. I am interested in YOUR impressions, reactions, and ideas.Please give a brief description of the performance you saw. In 1-2 sentences, what was the play about? What was the basic plot and/or what events occurred? What was the main conflict? (Please keep this brief.)What themes or ideas did you pick up on in this performance? In what ways did the play seem topical or relevant to today’s world? Interesting or not interesting to you?Were there any performances by particular actors that stood out? Which characters did they play? What, specifically, was memorable/ believable/ engaging about their performances?Were there any design elements that you found interesting/ appealing/ intriguing/ unsettling/ memorable? This could include lighting, costumes, make-up, set, music, or other elements. How well did they serve the story?What was your emotional or visceral response to the play? What did it make you think about? Was there anything surprising, confusing, frustrating, disturbing, unusual about the performance?Was the production effective? Did the production meet or exceed your expectations? How and why?Anything else that stood out to you? Questions or ideas that the play brought up for you?

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