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Please respond to each of the 12 questions in essay format;

Please respond to each of the 12 questions in essay format; one or two paragraphs to half a page per response.1. In Changing Minds Gardner talks about Fundamentalism. How does this manifest? (We are not talking about religious fundamentalism, we are talking about the key philosophical aspects that make up fundamentalist behavior – think outside the typical association of fundamental thought to the roots of what fundamentalism means) What does it do to the minds of those you would wish to change? How can you approach such a person or group and attempt to change their minds?2. In Changing Minds Gardner talks of an ‘Integrated viable identity.’ How can our project work this term impact anyone who reads the blog or views or uses our final project, in such a way that their integrated viable identity is enhanced? (Hint – this is hard to find yet findable – look at references provided in the back of the book to help you find it if needed).3. In Changing Minds Gardner speaks of ‘Representational Redescription.’ Explain what this is, and whether we have it in our blog, on the website, or in a video.. If we do, describe where it is and how it works.. Also, explain how you might effectively use it in the future.4. In Changing Minds Gardner describes how ‘Designated Driver’ became a household word internationally. Using this model, what could be done on this project or others in the future to successfully establish a similar acceptance of an idea in the average public person? What would you do differently on the project knowing this?5. In Changing Minds, Gardner talks about Wetware, Dryware and Goodware. Explain these terms and how you either used them in our project or how you might use them effectively in the future. Be sure to integrate and compare all three in your response.6. By now in the class you have learned that miscommunication, dropped communication and conflicting communication are part of the human experience both in the class and when working with the public. Based on your experiences in the class what communication strategies would you try in the future to attempt to improve upon your ability to successfully communicate either verbally or in writing? What strategies might you try in the future to gain the maximum impact on communicating with the public in general?7. The second half of the class is about implementation. I asked you at the mid-term to set out some goals for yourself for the rest of the term. Please re-state briefly what your goal was and how the pursuit of the goal unfolded for you. Was it successful? Why? Did you run into roadblocks? How did you overcome them? What would you do differently in the future based on what you learned in this class experience about building and working with other team members and the general public? If it was unsuccessful, why? What would you do differently in the future?8. Consider your interaction with the public, whether it be client, web-based contact or personal contact. One component of the Capstone is to be able to experience service-based learning by providing service in the community. Describe how the work you did in the capstone can benefit the community – the community of those around you who know you, and the community of those who read the work online. Does the community exist beyond that point? Do our readers take to the message and spread it personally to a few close friends and family? Can that happen? Will it? What you would add next or do next to make it more effective if you had the time and resources to do so?9. Awareness of diversity issues, as they are now in society or might be in the future since diversity issues will always exist to some extent or another, is always an important consideration in the development or evolution of a project. Are there any facets of our project that might be inaccessible or misunderstood due to any diversity issues? If so, describe, and explain several ways these could be mitigated in the future, time permitting.10. For the most part, we are all wealthy, relative to the rest of the world. Some parts of the world live on only a few dollars a day per person and at that level, they don’t often if ever have time to think about sustainability, they are too focused on daily life and surviving. This is a socioeconomic diversity problem. Their level of poverty makes them unable to respond to calls for sustainability, unless programs are developed and implemented that interact with them on their level, day-to-day. The question: Is it better to put time and energy into educating the wealthier world citizens who can cause greater change and disseminate the message more widely through their influence; or is it better to focus at the bottom and educate and change the minds of the masses of world population at that level; or is it better to spread the same amount of energy into some combination of both? Build and argue your case for one of these three. Support it with your rationale, logic and facts. Remember, regardless of your proposed solution, you only have the exact same amount of energy to put into any combination. Which do you think would yield the better results, and why?11. Consider our issue this term. How much did you know of this issue beforehand? How much did you learn this term? What, if anything about the topic, surprised you? What aspects did you learn on your own and what did you learn? Will your behavior, thoughts, or actions change? Did you have any personal successes in terms of written r verbal communications with anyone outside the class that you felt were successful, and if so, how? Do you anticipate educating others after the term on this issue? If so, why? If not, why not? (Please take a break and think deeply before answering this 11th question. Be SURE to respond to each of the individual question mark areas in this larger 11th question). 12. This is a two part question. Part 1 – Describe ONE unique problem you experienced in the class this term, what you did to fix it or handle it, or if it could not be changed what did you try and what would you do differently in the future? Part 2 – Describe ) ONE unique and special positive thing you learned in this class that will stick with you as you go forward into life, and what made it so special to you. Due @11:59 Pacific Time Tuesday March 17th

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