PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, RUBRIC FOR THE FORUM BEFORE READING THE ARTICLES ON DEFICIT FOLLOWED BY ARTICLES ON DEBT(LINKS PROVIDED BELOW) FOR ANALYSISTHIS FORUM BEGINS ON MARCH 11 AND ENDS ON MARCH 22, AT 1155 PM.THIS FORUM HAS 2 PARTS. POSTINGS HAVE TO BE MADE IN BOTH PARTS.PART 1 (DEFICIT FORUM) IS WORTH 11 POINTS AND PART 2 (DEBT FORUM) IS WORTH 11 POINTS.POSTINGS MADE BETWEEN WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11 AND SATURDAY, MARCH 21 @1 PM PACIFIC TIME ARE ELIGIBLE FOR FEEDBACK AND GRADE.POSTINGS MADE BETWEEN SATURDAY,MARCH 21@1 PM PACIFIC TIME AND SUNDAY, MARCH 22, AT 1155 PM WILL NOT GET ANY FEEDBACK AND POSTINGS MADE AFTER SUNDAY, MARCH 22 AT 1155 PM WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR GRADE.LINKS FOR ENTERING THE 2 FORUMS ARE BELOW HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUETHE RUBRIC FOR THIS FORUM IS AS FOLLOWS:1-2. Just agreed with someone but no thought or analysis.3-4. Posted something but no thought, or analysis.5 Showed some understanding of the topic but did not go into depth.6-7. Showed complete understanding of the topic and wrote a well developed analysis with relevant examples.8-9.Same as (6-7) but also cited from the article(s).10-11. Did a detailed analysis of the articles and provide comparable articles from other sources(other than posted on Canvas).MOST IMPORTANT: YOUR OTHER SOURCES FROM THE INTERNET CANNOT BE WIKIPEDIA, INVESTOPEDIA OR QUORA.Analysis should be ‘Paraphrased’ (IN YOUR OWN WORDS).’SMALL QUOTES ARE FINE BUT IT CANNOT BE JUST COPY AND PASTE FROM THE ARTICLESPlease provide In Text Citation in your analysis (post).Put all the work cited at the bottom of the analysis (post) in MLA format.YOU ARE ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED TO PROVIDE YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE/OPINIONS TO SUPPORT OR REFUTE A PARTICULAR ARTICLE ETC.PLEASE CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING TWO LINKS: DEFICIT AND DEBT TO COMPLETE BOTH PARTS OF THE FORUM.Forum on DeficitForum on DebtARTICLES ON DEFICITDeficit Data (Links to an external site.)TRUMPCUTFUNDINGIN2018FORCDCTOFINANCE TAXCUTSFORTHERICH (Links to an external site.)FederalDeficitGDPRatio (Links to an external site.)FiscalStimulusGreatRecession (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)StimulusAusterityDebateBudget Deficit and Tax ReformBudgetDeficitTaxReformUnderTrumpMoreCompaniesPayZeroTaxesUnderTrumpLaw (Links to an external site.)TaxCutsIncreaseDeficitEmbarrasstrump (Links to an external site.)MiddleClassLosesUnderTrumpNewTaxLaw (Links to an external site.)TaxAvoidanceTaxHavenDeficitTaxReformInequality (Links to an external site.)DeficitDuringEconomicExpansion (Links to an external site.)FrenchPensionReform (Links to an external site.)TaxCutsThatDoNotCreateJobs (Links to an external site.)UnnecessaryCorporateTaxCutsAndBudgetDeficits (Links to an external site.)ARTICLES ON DEBTUS Debt (Links to an external site.)National Debt Clock (Links to an external site.)US Debt Components (Links to an external site.)TrumpTaxCutsAndSocialSecurity (Links to an external site.)Interest on US Debt (Links to an external site.)China And US Debt (Links to an external site.)Greece Debt (Links to an external site.)IsThe GreeceDebtCrisisOver (Links to an external site.)Big Debt (Links to an external site.)Debt Worries DebtCrisisInJapan (Links to an external site.)EconomicLessonsFromJapan (Links to an external site.)CitiesWithMostStudentDebt (Links to an external site.)StudentDebtForgivenessMadeDifficultByTrumpTwo forums separately, one on Debt one on Deficit. Pick two articles from the list for each forum and provide one comparable article from other sources for each.

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