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Module 02 Quiz (Can you please show how you did the quiz. T

Module 02 Quiz (Can you please show how you did the quiz. Thank you) Apatient is taking warfarin on the following schedule: 5mg on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday, and 7.5 mg on all other days of the week. Howmany 5 mg strength tablets are needed to fill a 30 days supply?What is the approximate weight in kg of a patient who weighs 70 pounds?Youreceive a prescription for Lortab 5/325 mg with directions of “Take 1-2tablets by mouth every 4-6 hours as needed”. The quantity is 60tablets. Based on the directions, what is the shortest number of daysthat 60 tablets will last?A patient receives 2 L of IV TPN over 12 hours. What is the flow rate in mL/min?Youare filling a prescription for cefdinir oral suspension with directionsof “Take 175 mg by mouth twice daily for 14 days”. The pharmacy stocksthe 250 mg/5 ml strength suspension. How many total milliliters will thepatient need? How many milligrams of epinephrine are contained in 2 ml of a 1:1000 solution?Youare compounding omeprazole oral suspension 2mg/ ml. How many 20 mgstrength capsules are needed to compound 180 ml of the suspension?Apatients dose of gabapentin is 300 mg in the morning and 900 mg atbedtime. The pharmacy stocks 300 mg strength capsules. How many capsulesare needed to fill a prescription for a 30-day supply?Youreceive a prescription for Tylenol with codeine elixir with directionsof “dose per weight: Give 1 mg/kg codeine per 5 ml. What amount will thepatient receive per dose?A prescription for Novolog flexpenU-100 insulin states “inject 8 units SQ before each meal.” What is thedays supply for a 3 ml pre-filled pen?An IV infusion states it is to be given at a rate of 1.5 L/hr. What is the rate in ml/min?YourPharmacy purchases 150- count bottles of Vitamin D 400 IU tablets for$2.25 and sells them for $2.93. What is the percent markup on theproduct?A patient has an IV infusion running at a rate of 2.5ml/min. How much fluid will a patient receive during an infusion thatlast 8 hours?You are filling a prescription for enoxaparininjection. The directions state “Give 80 mg sub-q every 12 hours for 30days”. Enoxaparin comes in 80mg/0.8 ml pre-filled syringes. The quantityto be dispensed is 60 syringes. How many ml total will be dispensed? A 20% potassium solution contains how many grams of potassium per 200 ml of solution?How many milligrams of dextrose are in 75ml of D 10 W?How much potassium chloride is needed to make 500 ml of 4% KCI solution?The directions on a prescription for a solution read “Take ½ ounce by mouth daily”. The equivalent amount in milliliters is:How many milliliters of 10% KCL solution can be made from 250 ml of 20% solution?Yourpharmacy has a sale of 15% off OTC acetaminophen purchases this week.The regular price of acetaminophen is $4.65. What is the sale price? 32 tabs39 tabs 34 tabs36 tabs 154 kg32 kg22 kg48 kg 5 days10 days?????? 10 mL/min24 mL/min166 mL/min2.7 mL/min 49 ml98 ml 30 ml80 ml 0.002 mg20 mg0.2 mg2 mg 90 capsules9 capsules18 capsules40 capsules 90 capsules60 capsules180 capsules120 capsules 8.3 ml????????? 24 days10 days12.5 days7.5 days 25 ml/min0.0025 ml/min250 ml/min0.25 ml/min 68%30%13%76% 1200 L1.2 L12 L20 L 48 ml60 ml80 ml24 ml 0.2 g20 g400 g40 g 7.5 mg750 mg75 mg7500 mg 4 grams40 grams20 grams2 grams 7.5 ml15 ml22.5 ml30 ml 125 ml375 ml75 ml500 ml $0.70$2.10$5.35$3.96 Module 02 Assignment – Pharmacology Practice Exam and Report (for this assignment please answer it as an average person taking the test) Pharmacologymakes up a significant portion of the PTCE and you will use drugknowledge on a daily basis. For this assignment, you will take thepharmacology practice exam titled, “End-of-Chapter Review Test CH 01:Sample the Exam” located in Chapter 01 of the Navigator+ platform ofyour book- “Certification Exam Review”Directions: Log into yourNavigator+ platform and click on “PTCE Certification Exam Review” link.Locate and click on the “Chapter 1: Pharmacology for Technicians” linkand then click on “End-of-Chapter Review Test CH 01: Sample the Exam”link and complete the assessment.Take some time to review youranswers and the questions you answered incorrectly. Then, in 3-5paragraphs, write up a report that includes the following: How well did you do on the exam? How many questions did you get right?Theareas that you feel are your strengths and weaknesses. For example, arebrand/generic conversions easy? Dosage forms challenging?Discussat least 3 questions that you answered incorrectly. Discuss at least 3resources that you can use to help you reinforce your pharmacologyknowledge and prepare for that portion of the exam. Module 05 Assignment – Submit Specifics about Your Scheduled PTCE Exam InModule 01, you were provided with the information to register for yourPTCE exam and were asked to start the registration process by fillingout the online PTCE application. In this Module, you willprovide your instructor with the specifics about your scheduled exam.Write a 1/2 page paper that includes the following: Test date and timeTest locationDo you feel prepared to take the exam? If not, what areas do you feel need further review? Module 05 Course Project – Final Policy and Procedure Submission Itis time to synthesize the elements of your Policy and Procedure into adocument for the Rasmen Pharmacy Supervisor to review. Your documentshould be a 3-4 page paper, written in APA format, which draws upon allof the content you have researched and submitted for your Course Projectassignments. Be sure to review the Module 01 Course Project -Introduction and incorporate the feedback you have received from yourinstructor. Make sure that your ideas are focused, that appropriatetransitions are utilized, and that you are applying the correct tone forthe audience who will read the Policy and Procedure.Make sure your paper includes the following: an Introduction describing the purpose behind designing the Policy and Procedurean explanation regarding the benefits of having an established plan for your new pharmacya conclusionAPA references [Post First Discussion] Module 06 Discussion – PTCB and State Board of Pharmacy Asyour graduation from the Pharmacy Technician program approaches and youstart making professional plans, it is essential to understand the rolethe Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and your State Boardof Pharmacy play in the pharmacy technician profession. Researchand discuss the purposes, roles, and engagement the PTCB and your StateBoard of Pharmacy have in the pharmacy technician profession. Are theythe same thing? What requirements and regulations does your State Boardof Pharmacy have for the pharmacy technician profession? How does thePharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) relate to the PTCB andyour State Board of Pharmacy? Capstone Portfolio Assignment – Transferable Skills Exemplary Assignment and Reflection Throughoutyour education, you have been asked to research topics and writepapers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, consider diverseperspectives, and a host of other challenges that have required you touse both your discipline-specific skills as well as your soft skills.These are called transferable skills, and are skills that you developthat can be transferred and applied within your chosen career.Transferable skills are highly valuable and essential for careersuccess. Throughout this course, you have been working on aproject that allowed you to demonstrate your understanding of thetransferable skills. It is now time to submit your project/assignmentand add a transferable skills reflection. To complete this assignment, you will need to do the following:Part I: Compiling Your Exemplar Project Compileall of your completed course project assignment deliverables. Placethem in the proper order, and save them in a single Microsoft Worddocument. Part II: Transferable Skills Self Reflection Ina minimum of 1 full page, using Microsoft Word, write an essay (fullintroduction and conclusion), which includes the following: Describethe knowledge, skills and/or attitudes regarding each of thetransferable skills that you’ve gained as a result of completing thisparticular project/assignment.Discuss the ways that you aregoing to incorporate the transferable skills (the transferable skillsthat you showcased in your exemplary project) into your work within yourchosen career field.Describe your future goals based on the transferable skills that you’ve chosen to showcase.Write your paper utilizing proper tone, spelling and grammar.Onceyou have completed your reflection assignment, add it to the end of thedocument you compiled in part I. The self-reflection should be the lastfew pages of your exemplar project. If done correctly, everything willbe one document! Save the compiled document to a folder. Then, zip or compress the folder, and submit the zipped folder to the drop box. Adriana SafeRasmussen CollegeCOURSE#:PT285/PTN2050 Section 01 Pharmacy Technician Capstone – Online Plus – 2020 Winter Quarter Term 2 Stanley SangarMarch 09, 2020

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