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In this first discussion, we will take a look at the Trident

In this first discussion, we will take a look at the Trident’s Academic Integrity Policy and the importance of paraphrasing and citing Labeled for reuse.Where is the Turnitin Similarity Report for a Submitted Assignment?Review the following help video showing how to find the similarity score:Trident University International. View your TurnItIn Similarity/Originality Report and Feedback; View TurnItIn Report. Retrieved from Does Turnitin’s Similarity Report Tell Me?If the similarity score is over 15%, be sure to click on the colorful box to see what is driving up the score. It could be that the match is just a citation, a heading, or the assignment instructions. But, if the report shows a match to another student’s paper or to another author or source, this may indicate that you are improperly using work prepared by someone else.Quickly, before the first submission is graded, ask your professor not to grade it, if you choose to rework and resubmit it. It is in your best interest to submit papers a few days before the deadline so there is still time for the rework to arrive and be awarded timeliness points.Scores that show a student “borrowed” wording from another source is a “red flag” to your professor that this may be a plagiarism issue.Danger, Danger! Improperly Using Papers (and Parts of Papers) Written by CC BYWith all the wonders of the Internet comes the temptation of purchasing papers from student paper-selling sources. The Turnitin software, however, reports to the professor and student what is driving up the similarity score. And, often, the software reports exactly where the original wording comes from.Trident professors are trained how to respond in these instances by following the Academic Integrity policy.Trident’s Academic Integrity policyAccording to the policy–Trident regards academic integrity as vital to the success of its students and to the reputation of the University as an institution of higher learning. Students attain their educational goals and enjoy an enriched academic experience only when there is effective learning. Effective learning occurs when students conduct their own research and are the sole authors of their work. The assessment of that learning is undermined when the originality of students’ work is questionable.Trident therefore expects students to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity in all their work.PlagiarismThe most common form of academic dishonesty is presentation of the work of another person as one’s own, referred to as “plagiarism.” Plagiarism is a serious academic infraction that tarnishes everyone associated with it. Civil and criminal penalties may also apply where conduct violates U.S. copyright laws. Also, violating this policy by failing to submit original work may be subject to loss of eligibility for tuition assistance or financial aid, including cancellation of awards and disbursements of aid.In addition to the most common form, plagiarism includes but is not limited to:Contract Cheating: Hiring another person or organization to prepare and/or complete academic work on your behalf.Copy and Paste: Piecing together the work of other people, section by section or as a whole, and presenting such copied work as your own.Direct Duplication: Manual or electronic copying of the work of another person, including from an article, website, book, online repository, or another student, and presenting such copied work as your own.Paraphrasing: Restating another person’s work with minor changes, but maintaining the essence or meaning of the statement without properly citing the source.Submitting or Facilitating the Submission of Prior Work: Submitting work previously submitted for assessment whether created by oneself or another student.Facilitating academic dishonesty is also a violation of Trident’s Academic Integrity policy. It includes but is not limited to:Intentionally assisting another student to commit an act of academic dishonesty.Attempting to assist another student to commit an act of academic dishonesty.While facilitating academic dishonesty may not directly benefit the facilitator, it does assist another student in violation of the policy. To avoid plagiarism:Never represent the work of another person as your own. Use your own words in referring to the ideas or concepts of others, even when collaborating with other students.When you do use the idea of another person, give credit to the author/source. For example, you may state: “Another point of view, as espoused by Smith (2000), is that…”Use quotation marks for material (up to about 40 words in length) written by another person, and properly cite the source.Separate material (consisting of 40 or more words) written by another person by indenting a half inch, using no quotation marks, and properly citing the source.You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the course guidelines and the elements of a well-written paper. For questions or concerns regarding plagiarism, you are urged to contact your professor.For the entire Academic Integrity policy, see 2019-2020 University Catalog—Policy Handbook, p. 45. Retrieved from Papers with the Highest IntegrityYou can access a list of useful reference sources on how to write graduate-level papers…including APA citation style.Important: Also view and follow the steps for successful paraphrasing in the video below: University of Maryland, Baltimore Writing Center. (2017). The Art of Paraphrasing. Retrieved from Take-Away:Do your own work. Discuss questions with your professor.Don’t risk violating the Trident Academic Policy.It just is not worth it.Note: This section is written to start all classmates off with an understanding of academic integrity.Discussion Assignment:Early in the first week of Module 1, respond to the following:Share what you have learned about the term “academic integrity” and how it relates to students preparing class assignments.Share your knowledge, experience, and/or research related to writing a master’s-level paper that (a) does or (b) does not violate the academic integrity policy. For example, share with your peers any experiences you have had with similarity scores and paraphrasing in your ETH501 Case 1, ETH501 SLP 1, or in an undergraduate assignment from your prior degree program.Explain which ethical philosophy (or philosophies) relate to academic integrity.Do you think the university practice of using software to detect plagiarism issues is ethical? Why or why not?Is finding a similarity score for each assignment a good learning experience for students (i.e., does it teach students to be better writers)? Why or why not? If not, how can it be improved upon?Remember in this discussion forum that you should respond with substantial detail to this topic early in the module’s first week. This will be your “initial post.” For your initial discussion, also bring in information from at least one background source or your own research to help inform your classmates. Cite the source.Assignment ExpectationsEach post should be about 250-300 words.Discussion posts will be assessed according to the following criteria on the discussion rubric:Quality of initial posting (first discussion only): Initial posting reveals a clear understanding of all aspects of the discussion question; uses factual and relevant information; and demonstrates full development of concepts.Quality of Responses to Classmates: Responds to the required number of students and to the professor, if appropriate. Demonstrates analysis of others’ posts; extends meaningful discussions by building on previous peer posts; and offers alternative perspectives.Reference to supporting readings/information literacy: Refers to and properly cites either course and/or outside readings in posts, as required.Critical thinking: Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem; viewpoints and assumptions of experts are analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated; and conclusions are logically presented with appropriate rationale.Timeliness: Initial post occurs in a timely manner (1-3 days into module) allowing ample time for classmates to respond and engage.

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