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1) According to the video, "1. Contracts: Introduction to Contracts", "A contract is an enforceable _______________ ."  "Contracts: Introduction to Contracts", "A  _______________  is a manifestation of   _______________  to act or refrain from acting in a specified way, so made as to justify a promisee in understanding that a commitment has been made." In regards to the Lucy v. Zehmer case, "Under the _______________ theory of contracts, it doesn't matter what your secret _______________  is.  What matters is what you  _______________ _______________  _______________ ."

2) According to the video "What are express and implied contracts?" "There are two types of implied contracts that we're going to look at.  The first is  _______________ _______________  _______________  contracts and then we'll look at something called  _______________  _______________  _______________  contracts."

3) According to the video, "What is an executory contract?", "An executory contract is where both parties have yet to  _______________  all of the important  _______________  of their contract."

4) According to the video, "What are bilateral and unilateral contracts?",  "So in a bilateral contract there will be at least  _______________  _______________  , the parties are making promises to each other… In a unilateral contract though, the offeror is not looking for a _______________  _______________  _______________  ."

5) According to the video, "7. Contracts: Unilateral Contracts", "In most situations, it does not matter whether a contract is unilateral or bilateral.  The only time it matters is when we are considering the issue of  _______________  _______________ ."

6) According to the video, "2. Contracts: Bargain – Section 17", "In order for there to be a promise which is legally enforceable – that is a contract – we have to have   _______________ …  Consideration is a return promise or performance that is    _______________  _______________  ."

7) According to the video, "3. Contracts: Mutual Assent",  "Section 22 of the Restatement sets forth the way in which mutual assent ordinarily takes place – through offer and acceptance.  The formal structure requires that one party, the offeror, make an offer to enter into a contract on specified terms to the other party, the offeree.  If the offeree accepts the offer, there has been   _______________  _______________ and a   _______________  _______________  is formed."

8) According to the video, "4. Contracts: The Offer", "The hallmark of the offer is putting the power to _______________  _______________  _______________   in the offeree's court."

9) According to the video, "5. Contracts: Acceptance", "Section 50 explains that acceptance is a _______________  _______________  _______________  to the terms of an offer in a manner invited or required by the offer.

10) According to the video, "6. Contracts: The Counteroffer",  "The making of a  _______________-_______________  automatically terminates the offeree's power to accept the   _______________  _______________ ."

11) According to the video, "8. Contracts: Irrevocable Offers", If we are looking at part performance in the context of a unilateral contract, "the offeree's   _______________  _______________  makes the offer    _______________  , but does not compel the offeree to complete performance."

12) According to the video, "Contracts: What is the mirror image rule?", "The Mirror Image Rule tells us that the acceptance has to be on the   _______________  _______________  as the offer."

13) According to the video, "What is the mailbox rule?", "The Mailbox Rule only applies to    _______________  , not   _______________ ,  _______________  or anything else."

14) According to the video, "When is silence construed as acceptance of an offer?", "As a general rule silence does not mean    _______________  , but where an offeree knows the terms of an offer, and has an opportunity to reject an offer but  instead stays silent and accepts the  _______________  _______________  _______________  , courts will often construe the _______________  as  _______________ .  The parties entered into a contract.

15)  From the video, "Contract Law:  Blue v. Ashley (2017); Intention to Create Legal Relations",  do you believe a contract was formed based on the statements and actions of the parties?  Explain your answer discussing: Offer; Acceptance; Counter-Offer; Termination of Offers; and Intention to Contract.

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