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Describe Mandy’s personal, positional and relation

Describe Mandy’s personal, positional and relational power and how her power or lack of power in these dimensions influences her ability to change?When individuals and communities do not govern self, they risk being ruled by external forces that care less about the well-being of the village. ~ T.F. HodgeThere is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals. ~ Idowu KoyenikanSocial work’s person-in-the-environment framework acknowledges the multi-layered factors and systems that affect people’s lives and the interplay between them. The idea of community conjures up many definitions, it can be a neighborhood, country, professional or political affiliation, it can be related to race, class, gender, and it can represent common experiences of a group of people, just to name a few. Communities are dynamic in nature and we are all members of many different communities. Our identification and reliance on each of those communities takes many different forms and changes. Social work intervention that occurs at the community level pulls from a long history starting with the work of Jane Addams and Mary Richmond and has evolved into modality that is both local and global. When social workers view the community as the client, the intervention will be very similar to those used in the clinical realm, informed by social work values and guided by the Code of Ethics. To that end, this week’s module will take a closer look at the connection of community practice to the wellbeing of individuals, families, and entire communities and how this type of practice promotes social inclusion and honors collective self-determination.Chapter 6 of The Handbook of Community Practice (Weil, 2013) the authors describe the community … as a location for intervention, and as a unit of action. As discussed in the previous modules, it is important to identify who your client is as that will determine the methods of assessment, intervention, and evaluation, and the theories to apply. The same is true for community practice. In order to apply relevant theories of practice and intervention strategies, the social worker must implement a sound assessment to inform the actions that follow. Further, it is well documented that when communities are empowered to participate in action that will affect their lives, the outcomes will be relevant and impactful. Community practice is a key component that sets social work apart from other disciplines and has been at the heart of social work practice since it’s inception. It is a pathway to understanding the larger systems that affect people’s lives and a primary strategy to promote social inclusion.For this discussion you will refer back to the three case studies that have been presented: 1) Janelle; (2) Mandy; and (3) the after-school program. Each one of these represents complicated circumstances that are connected to larger social justice issues. Additionally, each of the clients in these case studies are members of multiple communities. You will choose one of these case studies and answer the following questions:1. What communities could be represented as part of this case study?2. Why is it important for social workers to engage with these communities?3. Share your thoughts on the interplay between micro, mezzo and macro practice represented in the case study.4. Identify a theory that would guide and support your work with this community. Why did you chose this theory?Reference:1. Weil, M., Ohmer, M., (2013). Applying Practice Theories in Community Work In Marie Weil (Ed.) The Handbook of Community Practice (2nd. Edition). Chapter 6 (pp. 123-165) and Chapter 14 (pp. 327-343),+M.,+Ohmer,+M.,+(2013).+The+Handbook+of+Community+Practice+(2nd.+Edition).+Chapter+6&ots=qMZiZgc2Bz&sig=xJh8uLjVuVCQVBPg9l5Txv373rc#v=onepage&q&f=false2. Community Tool Box: Chapter 3, Section 1 – Developing a Plan for Assessing Local Needs and Resources Community Tool Box: Chapter 3, Section 2 – Understanding and Describing the Community Staples, L. (2012). Community organizing for social justice: Grassroots groups for power. Social Work with Groups, 35(3), 287.

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