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Begin to examine and reflect on the culture and climate of the organization. How do culture and climate differ?Why is it important for you as a masters-prepared nurse leader to be cognizant of these matters?nursing1IOSOrder DescriptionReadingsMarquis B. L. & Huston C. J. (2015). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application (8th ed.). Philadelphia PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.Chapter 1 Decision Making Problem Solving Critical Thinking: Requisites for Successful Leadership and Management and Clinical ReasoningChapter 1 provides information relevant to this weeks Discussion and serves as a foundation for topics explored in future weeks of the course. The authors note that decision making problem solving critical thinking and critical reasoning are integral to both leadership and management and beneficial as one examines leadership and management issues. As you read this chapter focus primarily on the Decision Making in Organizations section.Chapter 7 Strategic and Operational PlanningThis chapter introduces planning and highlights some of the trends that are likely to impact health care organizations now and in the future. It also addresses vision and mission statements which are essential for guiding planning and decision making in health care settings.Chapter 12 Organizational StructureOrganizational Culture (pp. 260286)This section of the chapter addresses organizational culture.Bellot J. (2011). Defining and assessing organizational culture. Nursing Forum 46(1) 2937.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.This article examines organizational culture as a construct. It explores how organizational culture is unique to every workplace.Business Organizational culture: Definition. Retrieved from J. C. & Porras J. I. (1996). Building your companys vision. Harvard Business Review 74(5) 6577.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.This seminal article helped to pave the way for understanding why a companys vision is so important. By focusing on its vision a company can guarantee that its core values and purpose remain fixed while its strategies and methods are adapted to accommodate the changing environment.Nelson W. A. & Gardent P. B. (2011). Organizational values statements. Healthcare Executive 26(2) 5659.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.This article focuses on the impact that organizational values statements have on an organizations mission. For employees to follow value statements leaders must effectively model those values day in and day out.Plath D. (2013). Organizational processes supporting evidence-based practice. Administration in Social Work 37(2) 171-188. doi:10.1080/03643107.2012.672946Abstract: A case study illustrates the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) as an organizational change process. A systemic process reliant on executive leadership and organizational culture facilitates implementation of EBP. Qualitative findings suggest that effective EBP implementation requires engagement of staff across the organization. The development of communities of practice and other strategies to engage staff including a model for organizational analysis assists preparation for EBP implementation.Rai G. S. (2013). Job satisfaction among long-term care staff: Bureaucracy isnt always bad. Administration in Social Work 37(1) 90-99. doi:10.1080/03643107.2012.657750Abstract: The study investigated the influence of role conflict workload centralization and formalization on job satisfaction of long-term care staff. Regression analysis revealed that role conflict workload centralization and formalization together contributed 40.0% variance in job satisfaction. Role conflict and workload decrease job satisfaction while centralization and formalization increase it.Watkins M. (2013 May). What is organizational culture? Retrieved from site offers several descriptions of organizational culture. These perspectives provide the kind of holistic nuanced view of organizational culture that is needed by leaders in order to truly understand their organizations and to have any hope of changing them for the better.================================================================================================================To prepare:Review the information related to planning and decision making in health care organizations presented in the textbook Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and Application. Consider how planning and decision making relate to an organizations mission vision and values as well as its culture and its climate.Familiarize yourself with the mission vision and values of your organization or one with which you are familiar. Consider how the statements and actions of leaders and others within the organization support or demonstrate the organizational mission vision and values. In addition note any apparent discrepancies between word and deed. Think about how this translates into expectations for direct service providers. Note any data or artifacts that seem to indicate whether behaviors within the organization are congruent with its mission vision and values.Begin to examine and reflect on the culture and climate of the organization. How do culture and climate differ?Why is it important for you as a masters-prepared nurse leader to be cognizant of these matters?================================================================================================================Post a description of your selected organizations mission vision and values. Describe relevant data or artifacts words and actions of leaders and others in the organization that support or perhaps appear to contradict the organizations mission vision and values statement. In addition discuss the organizations culture and its climate differentiating between the two. Explain why examining these matters is significant to your role as a nurse leader.

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