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Assignment: Norms and standards Assignment: Norms

Assignment: Norms and standards Assignment: Norms and standards According to the text, _________ are sets of norms that specify how people in a particular social position are expected to behave. a. social norms b. social standards c. social roles d. social rules 52. The Behavioral Activation System: a. is activated in response to potential rewards. b. releases endorphins that limit our experience of physiological pain. c. becomes active when we pursue a medium-difficulty challenge, but not easy or impossible challenges. d. is involved in the avoidance of stimuli that elicit pain. 53. The tendency for members of a group to suspend critical thinking because they are striving for agreement is specifically called: a. normative social influence. b. the norm of reciprocity. c. groupthink. d. group polarization. 54. Fat cells in the body actively regulate the processes of food intake and weight regulation by secreting the hormone ____________, which is known to decrease appetite. a. leptin b. estrogen c. androgen d. glucose Permalink: 55. Which of the following conclusions regarding the results from obedience studies is most accurate? a. Contrary to popular beliefs, most people are followers who are inherently obedient. b. Contrary to popular beliefs, most people appear to be very apathetic and cruel. c. Obedience behavior appears to be more a product of personal characteristics than of situational factors. d. Obedience behavior appears to be more a product of situational factors than of personal characteristics. 56. Initial research found that when the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) of rats was destroyed, the rats: a. refused to eat, often to the point of starvation. b. became gluttons and their body weights frequently doubled or tripled. c. experienced the normal signals of satiety. d. began eating normally. 57. Which of the following lists the four phases of sexual response, in correct order? a. excitement, plateau, resolution, orgasm b. excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution c. excitement, orgasm, plateau, resolution d. plateau, excitement, resolution, orgasm 58. The concept called _______________ specifically asserts that prejudicial attitudes create fear and selfconsciousness among stereotyped group members that they will confirm other peoples negative attitudes. a. deindividuation b. the self-fulfilling prophecy c. stereotype threat d. the out-group homogeneity bias 59. Which of the following is one of the two primary ways that the bystander effect can inhibit people from helping others? a. reciprocal apathy b. the self-fulfilling prophecy c. diffusion of responsibility d. the fundamental attribution error 60. According to the text, bystanders are most likely to help individuals who are: a. judged as being responsible for their problems. b. attractive. c. perceived as being similar. d. in a good mood.

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